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Turnkey Projects

Wire Road Mills

Starting Stock

  • Billets
  • 120 x 120 x 12.000 mm
  • 150 x 150 x 12.000 mm

Finished Products

  • Wire Rod
  • Rebars in Coil
  • Bars in Coil
  • Ø5,5-16 mm
  • nos. 3,4 and 5 (as per ASTM)
  • 160-42 mm

Furnace Capacity

  • 70 t/h

Annual Capacity

  • 300.000 t/y

Finished Speed

  • Wire rod line 100(120) m/s
  • Bar in coil line 13,5 m/s

Material Grades

  • Cold-heading steels, reinforcing steeks, steels with a carbon content from low to medium, piano-wire, PC-wiew, free-cutting steel

Furnace Group

  • Charging grate,
  • Weigh scale,
  • Descale,
  • Heat-holding tunnel

Mill Train

  • Single strand, H/V-arrangements, associated shears,
  • Roughing train 4xModel-600, 2xModel440
  • Intermediate train #1 3xModel440, 3xModel340
  • Intermediate train #2 2xModel340, 4xModel2800
  • 10-strand wire rod block 5x215/5x7170

Rod Finishing Equipment

  • Water cooling and equalizing sections, pinch roll unit, laying head
  • Ring conveyor for retarted and accelerated cooling, reforming tube
  • Power and free coil handling system including trimming station, compacting and trying units (2x), weight scale, unloading station

Continuous Finishing Shop

  • Water cooling line, pinch roll units, bar rells (2x), coil transfer, chain conveyor with retarted and accelerated cooling facilities, transger unit to Powe and free coil handling system