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Turnkey Projects

Rolling Mill for High-Grade Steels

Starting Stock

  • Blooms
  • 50 x 100 x 10.000 mm
  • 50 x 100 x 10.000 mm

Finished Products

  • Rod
  • Bars
  • Flats
  • 5,5-13,5 mm
  • Ø11-57 mm
  • 22-120 mm ,5-12 mm

Furnace Capacity

  • 60 t/a

Bundle/Stack length

  • 3-8,5 m

Bundle/Stack weight

  • 22,5-3(5)t

Material Grades

  • High-Grade structural steel

Furnace Group

  • Charging grate,
  • Cross transfers,
  • Descaler (2x)
  • Heat holding tunnel

Mill Train

  • Single strand, H/V-arrangement,
  • Roughing train 4PSW, 6xModel440
  • Intermediate train 4xModel440, 2xModel340
  • Finishing train 4xModel340
  • Kocks-block
  • 8-strans wire rod block for high grade steels 3x215/5x170
  • Associated shears
  • Loopers 7xVertical, 1xHorizontal

Cooling Bed Group

  • Water cooling line, pinch roll unit
  • Cooling bed shear
  • Cooling bed 57x5m

Continuous Finishing Shop

  • Abrasive cutting machine
  • Piling and stacking facilities (non-magnet type)
  • Tying machines 1xfixes, 1xmoveable
  • Various associated equipment e.g.stoppers, chain transfers, roller tables etc

Rod Finishing Equipment

  • Water cooling and equalizing sections, pinch roll unit, laying head
  • Ring conveor for retarted and accelerated cooling, reforming tub
  • Pallet type coil handling system, compacting and tying units, weight scale, unloading station