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Reheating Furnaces and Heating Technologies

Reheating Furnace is the heart of any hot rolling mill where in the charge is heated to rolling temperature. The charge could be in the form of billets, blooms, slab or ingots. The type of furnace could be Pusher Type, Walking Hearth or Walking Beam- either top fired or top and bottom fired according to the projects.

The furnace bas been determined with the aim to:

  • Low heat consumption.
  • Avoid the bending of billets due to differential heating of top/bottom and front/back faces.
  • Ensure the billet pushing through the furnace on horizontal hearth, without trouble (i.e. jump-up billets due to the length of bed of billets combined with billet bending).
  • Optimize the heating curves to achieve the desired temperature uniformity as well as minimize oxidation inside the furnace; in view of these main operational targets, the furnace design, which corresponds to an up-to-date and well proven technology featured by the following main characteristics.
  • Top lateral and frontal burners in order to ensure the best uniformity (no hot spots) and moreover minimizing the burner’s number.
  • Separation screen between the fired zone and recuperative zone.

Purpose of the design process for reheating furnace is to;

  • Minimize heat losses and aim for lowest energy consumption.
  • Apply uniform heating on materials to prevent varying forms of elongation, therefore bending.
  • Move the material out of the furnace safe and sound after reheating process is finished.
  • Reach desired heating behavior inside aiming both accuracy in the manner of time and reducing oxidation minimum.

Some key points to reach mentioned specifications can be featured below in light of latest technological developments;

  • Positioning burners’ laterally over the top and frontal to acquire uniform heating with fewer burners.
  • Divide the hearth and recuperative zone with a screening barrier.

For turn-key solutions in reheating furnace area CTS designs, manufactures and erections;

  • Combustion systems
  • Burners
  • Recuperators
  • Full furnace combustion automation
  • Full furnace movement automation
  • Furnace Charging and Discharging Area Equipment
  • Furnace Billet Feeding Station
  • Charging Roller Table
  • Billet Charging Pushers
  • Furnace Discharging Machine
  • Furnace Exit Pinch Roll
  • Furnace Exit Roller Table
  • Billet Rejecting Systems