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MWE-Magdeburger Walzwerk Engineering GmbH

Was founded 2001 to uphold the many years of German tradition maintained by SKET through building plants and plant components for the rolling mill and metallurgical industry. MWE manufactures their high-grade products in a tailored and reliable approach, as fast as practical and meeting challenging requirements. Given many years of expertise, a marked quality awareness and a high-standard innovative power. MWE provides one-stop services by supplying plant, equipment, technology and automation as an overall solution to satisfy the ever rising requirements to be satisfied by rolled products with respect to flatness, thickness tolerances and surface finish. The systems solutions MWE offers based on the comprehensive process expertise we boast. It is by supplying complete systems that we furnish to our customers the expertise and the experience we have gathered in the field of rolling mill automation. Product quality improvement, enhanced productivity, minimum maintenance requirements, and economic efficiency: These are the objectives addressed in developing our systems.

MWE supplies long-product rolling mills and their components for rolling wire, steel bars and profiles. State-of-the-art technologies are used therefore

  • Rolling with high speed in mono and vario wire rod blocks
  • Using state-of-the-art housingless mill stands
  • Flying shears with speeds up to 40 m/s
  • Garret coilers and winding technologies up to 35 m/s
  • High-speed delivery systems for cooling beds
  • Thermocoil® water-quenching technology for wire rods and small section products
  • Using industrial robots for handling rolled material
  • Developing rolling technologies with help of software systems for pass design developed by MWE
  • MWE is experienced in relocating and revamping old plants as well as reinstalling and modernising them.

Quality: Advanced CAD systems and a consistent quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2010 pursued in project engineering, design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of equipment are adapted to guarantee that cutting-edge quality requirements are met to our customers’ satisfaction.

Flexibility: Being a medium-sized company with a flat management hierarchy and a customer-related business organisation enables us to respond very quickly to changed requirements and wishes of our clients.

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With its engineering partner; MWE – (Magdeburger Walzwerk Engineering GmbH) CTS Makina is two step away from competition. MWE was founded on 2001 to uphold the many years of German tradition maintained by SKET trough building plants and plant components for the rolling mill and metallurgical industry. MWE is experienced in relocating and revamping old plants as well as reinstalling and modernising them. Services provided by MWE also include project engineering, design, production assistance, supply and commissioning of plant sections for steel bar and wire rod mills.


Symaga Silos is a Spanish family-owned business with an international scope, specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of galvanized steel silos available for different industries such as breweries, animal feed, port facilities, flourmill, ethanol, drying, flourmills, and storage of raw materials for the plastic industry and biofuels.

Symaga refreshed the corporative image reinforcing as well the business structure after an investment process to strength our position as leader in our sector. Backed by an experience of more than 30 years, the company has exceeded 7,000 installations, building more than 28 million m³ of grain storage in more than 140 countries.

Symaga has with a fully automated factory with computer numerical control and cutting-edge technology. In order to reach maximum quality standards.

Facilities are located in La Mancha. Manufacturing plant and logistic area occupy up to 60,000 m² in the total of 100,000 m² building area, in a total of 400,000 m² family owned land on which it resides. It also counts with a technical and commercial office in Madrid from 2007.

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TSC Silos

Top Silo Constructions is a silo supplier and has been focusing on the design and construction of rectangular steel silo installations. As a square silo manufacturer TSC has completed numerous projects around the world. These product prove our knowledge in the area of bulk and solids storage, day in day out.