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VD and VOD Units

Steel deoxidation

Vacuum degassers are used for removal of dissolved gasses in steel like hydrogen, CO and nitrogen. The principle of VD is to create a vacuum in a closed steel shell constructed chamber in where the heat after LF treatment is located. During this process a controlled rate purging gas (Ar) flow is also applied. In some VD applications Oxygen lancing and material feeding are also available.

The VOD (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization) is used mainly for production of stainless steel. The unit is basically a degassing unit equipped with an oxygen blowing lance and other related equipment such as material feeding (for alloying and fluxes), gas purging etc. Due to the reduced CO partial pressure under vacuum conditions, decarburization of steel to very low carbon contents is possible.

Advantages of CTS Vacuum Systems (VD/VOD)

  • No water contamination
  • Dust concentration in exhaust gas < 5mg/m 3
  • Global Steel Industry Requirement of Reduced Green House Emission is fully achieved by using Dry Pumping Technology instead of Steam Ejectors
  • Saving Energy Effect on Reduced Carbon Footprint