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Continuous Casting Machines

Production of special machine elements

In steel making plants casting machines are used to solidify the liquid steel into regular shapes such as billets, blooms, slabs, ingots, beam blanks etc. depending on the final product to be manufactured. Billets, blooms and bem blanks are produced for final long product manufacturing such as bars-re bars, profiles and rails, slabs are produced for flat products like steel plates, ingots are produced for special machinery parts manufacturing such as shafts, gears, rolls etc.

In bulk steel production plants most generally used casting equipment is so called continuous casting machines (CCM) are used. These machines have various radios dimensions and different number of strands depending on parameters like product dimensions, casting speed and steel grade. There are closed and open stream casting, hot or cold tundish applications.

A Continuous casting machine contains the following equipment:

  • Ladle Turrets / Ladle Cars
  • Tundishes and Tundish cars
  • Moulds
  • Mould Oscillation Systems
  • Mould Level Control Systems
  • Withdrawal & Straightener
  • Pinch Rolls
  • Mechanical or Tourch Cutting Systems
  • Rigid Dummy Bar
  • Roller Tables
  • Cross Transfer
  • Cooling Beds (pusher type or turn-over)
  • Mould Cooling and Secondary Cooling systems
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic and lubrication systems
  • Electrical and Automation
  • Optionally weighing systems, EMS, …