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Melt Shops and Equipment

Turnkey meltshops, unit, equipments and spare parts

Steel melt shop or Steel Production Plant is a plant producing steel from raw materials. The main source of iron in the nature is iron ore in various kinds of minerals such as hematite (Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4), Limonite (HFeO2), Siderite (FeCO3), Pyrite (FeS) and others.

The most common equipment used, for iron production from iron ores, is blast furnace where pyrometallurgical methods are employed. Another method obtaining iron from iron ore is that developped in the last few decades, namely DRI production and smelting method. DRI (direct reduced iron) is produced from iron ore fines via ore dressing (concentration), pelletizing, sinterization and reducing processes. DRI is commercially available in various forms (hot and cold DRI and HBI). DRI/HBI can be used as raw material in blast furnaces, arc furnaces and induction furnaces.

Metal produced in blast furnace is called pig iron which is rich in carbon, phosphorous and silisium content. Pig iron need to be treated in Oxygen Steelmaking Process (Oxygen Converters) for steel making. In OSM carbon in pig iron is removed by oxidation to carbon monoxide (CO). Other elements like silicon, phosphorous, and manganese are oxidized and transferred to slag phase as metal oxides. In some plants molten pig iron from blast furnace is charged into EAF in some proportions throuh slag door.

After treating the molten metal in an OSM converter or an EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) it is further refined in the ladle. This is commonly called secondary refining or ladle metallurgy and the processes include deoxidation, desulfurization, alloying (and vacuum degassing depending on the product quality).

Electrical arc furnace steel making has grown tremendously in the world in the last 2-3 decades due to;

  • Availability of cheap raw materials like scrap and DRI/HBI.
  • Relatively low investment cost,
  • Reduced electrical energy, electrode consumption and tap to tap time
  • Icreased productivity and low cost of production with the developed EAF based melt shop steel making technologies
  • Flexibility of operation

CTS Makina A.Ş. is supplying steel melt shops mills on the turn key basis, including all auxiliary units, equipment and all individual plant equipment or units as well as spare parts.

Core Production Equipment

  • Electrical Arc Furnace or Induction Furnace
  • Ladle Furnace
  • VD/VOD (Vaccum Degasser)
  • Casting Machine

Auxiliary Equipment and Systems

  • Scrapyard systems and scrap handling equipment
  • Liquid Steel Handling Equipment
  • Slag Handling Equipment
  • WTP and Cooling Water Systems
  • Material Handling systems
  • Fume Treatment Systems
  • Measurement and Laboratory Equipment
  • Oxygen Production and/or Storage and Back-up Systems
  • Compressed air production and distribution systems
  • Cranes
  • Electrical and Automation systems
  • Work Shops