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Design and Engineering

CTS performs projects and engineering services incorporating contemporary high technology for general engineering

CTS Makina A.Ş., by co-operating with internatonal companies in the application of up to date technologies, has already upgraded its rank as one of the leading companies in Turkey in the field of heavy machinery. CTS performs projects and engineering services incorporating contemporary high technology for general engineering and design of steel mill equipment, cranes, material handling equipment and also cement industry and general machinery softwares. CTS has an extensive knowledge of the Iron & Steel sector by co-operating with internatonal companies applying up to date technologies. CTS has succesfully executed major projects from feasibility through to site support to overseas fabrication, installation and commissioning via working with some of largest Iron and Steel companies in the world.

CTS Makina A.Ş., owing to its highly qualified and long term experienced engineers and technical staf, is proud of its know-how and capacity in designing activities especially in steel industry. CTS gives upmost importance R&D studies to create the most satisfying solutions for our cutomers. We don’t mind if it is a simple piece of equipment or a complicated turnkey project, CTS Design Team main target is always establishing customer satisfaction through efficient and feasible solutions.

CTS Makina’ engineering department aims the following main objectives;

  • Minimum operation and maintenance costs
  • Optimal utilization of the land (inside and outside of the core production building)
  • Optimal utilization of spaces inside/outside the rolling mills / meltshops
  • Automatic operation, “hands‐off” type
  • Environmental respectfulness
  • Maintenance friendly operation