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Cooling Bed Group

According with the customer demands and plant capacity all kinds of cooling bed and packing area equipment are designed and manufactured.

Cooling Bed Equipment are;

  • Pinch Rolls
  • Shears
  • Connecting Roller Table
  • Run-In Roller Table Equipped With Aprons
  • Platform entry braking systems
  • Cooling Bed (Rake type / Chain Type / Twin Channel)
  • Cooling bed exit side equipment (Chain conveyor or Take-Out System)
  • Cooling bed discharge roller table
  • Cut-to-length (cold) shears
  • Chain conveyors
  • Bundle forming stations
  • Binding machines
  • Weighing and labeling systems
  • Straightener machines

The cooling bed is located between run-on roller table with brake lever and lifting and traversing device as well as the carry-off roller table. It serves purpose of the transfer of the rolling stock coming from the rolling mill, its synchronized transport with adjustable step size and targeted cooling to straightening temperature in the finishing area.

The main functions of cooling bed are:

  • To divide the rolled strand into cooling bed lengths according to the requirements of the commercial lengths to be cut
  • Cooling by natural air/ forced air ventilation or air and water spraying (for sections if required)
  • Transport of the cut lengths from the shears to the cooling bed
  • Braking of lengths and partial lengths from the rolling speed
  • Transfer of the lengths to the cooling bed
  • Moving the cut lengths by single or double raising during transport on the rakes, depending on the product shape
  • Cooling all cut lengths on the cooling bed grid in the air
  • Aligning the cut lengths on the platform
  • Transport of the cooled lengths to the carry-off roller table
  • Transport the rolled train from the cooling bed area to the straightening machine for sections