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Continuous Finishing Group

The continuous finishing shop has the task to adjust the rolling stocks - which are supplied from the cooling bed group - dimension -specific and in the appropriate amount to shippable units.

The process includes the following technological processes for profiles:

  • Single-core straightening of profiles supplied from the cooling bed
  • Collection of straightened profiles to drag of bars for further processing
  • Cropping of the drag of bars, parting to finished length, sampling, tail end cropping with cold saws , separating the rest ends depended on structural shapes
  • To separate of short lengths from the last layers of finished length of a cooling bed length
  • Process and prepare material with the finished length in batches for feeding the stacker and packet assembling
  • Stack of structural shapes into rectangular packages
  • Setting rectangular stack by means of binding wire and drill closure
  • Weighing the packets and embossing package tags with manual fixing of signs
  • Collecting the packets on a grate for removal with a crane

Equipment of the continuous finishing shop is designed to:

  • Cut the rolled material into final lengths
  • Straighten the rolled material, if required
  • Collect the rolled material into bundles, stacks or piles depending on material dimensions and customer‘ demands
  • Weigh the bundles etc. and to collect them for further shipping

The continuous finishing shop is divided into four control areas in connection to the technological processes.

  • Control area 1; straightening and collecting
  • Control area 2; sawing
  • Control area 3; collecting and stacking
  • Control area 4; binding, weighing and loading

The focus of our technology in this very demanding area is on the reduction of manpower. In fact, all operations have been mechanized and automated, such as the removal of short bars or the labeling the bundles with the tags with all relevant information. Particular care is given to the final shape of the bundles, with optimum arrangement of the bars and sections, even in small sectional size products.

Stackers have different designs, depending on the customer needs:

  • For precise stacking of light sections, the overhead pendulum system
  • For light-medium sections, the stacking system with magnets underneath