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Over 30 years of experience!

CTS Makina A.Ş. established in 2006 as an Industrial Heavy Machinery and Equipment manufacturing facility in order to serve for iron and steel sector with a background of more than 30 years of experience.
CTS Makina has reached the position and had the right to say by using resources effectively, as well as Turkish engineering and well-skilled labour power and became one of the leading heavy machinery manufacturing company in Turkey reaching to 15.000 tons/year capacity.

The company, having been richly equipped with heavy plate machining & processing, welding and handling facilities, is especially organized in manufacturing machineries and equipment for Iron & Steel and Power Plant Industries in his production plant in Izmir, Turkey. CTS Makina has manufactured, assembled, erected and commissioned the industrial plants and/or heavy machinery and equipment, in the field of;

  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Bulk Material Storage and Handling Systems
  • Power Plants
  • Defense Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Material Handling Systems and Cranes
  • Automotive Industry

Turn Key supply offers a unique responsibility for engineering procurement, technology performance, construction, commissioning and technical assistance, for metal and steel processing plants and related auxiliary plants. Timing and quality of a project implementation is the essence of a Turn-Key plant execution. CTS Makina designs, fabricates and commissions all kind of turn-key projects related to rolling mill and meltshops in CTS Makina’s own plant. At the same time, not only turn-key projects, but also spare parts and equipment are provided by CTS and it generates the most suitable solution based upon the customer satisfaction corresponding to industry’s conditions. CTS also renders engineering and consultancy services for revamping of current systems which generates the most suitable solution based upon the customer satisfaction and corresponding to industrial conditions.

In addition to the mentioned issues, CTS Makine provides latest technological solutions conforming to local and international standards for decreasing of production costs and manpower by introduction of practical solutions.

CTS Makina accomplishes the establishment of project and engineering, incorporating contemporary suitable technology for general engineering of Iron and Steel Industries. When necessary, CTS collaborates with foreign companies who possess advanced technologies on the issues of engineering, design and production, and is proud of its contributions to our country in her fields of expertise and further technological deliveries to the foreign countries. CTS’s power and passion are formed by specialized workers and engineers with a modern machinery park. CTS Makina has achieved to catch quality above the world standards through its CNC Machinery Park and experienced staff. All products of CTS Makina are manufactured according to commonly considered world class standards, and quality certificates are received and submitted in import-export issues for domestic and overseas markets. CTS Makina manufactures all the products and equipment of turnkey Meltshops and Rolling mills, based on the particular design and calculation results according to determined resistance values.